About mirro

Mirro Foundation

Mirro Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation. The board is formed by NewHealth Collective, one of the largest providers of eHealth in basic and specialized mental health care.

Our team:

The foundation’s business office is responsible for strategy development and implementation.

Our ambition: together we make the Netherlands mentally fitter

Good mental health is an important asset. Mirro Foundation believes that everyone with mental complaints is entitled to the right care at the right time. That is why we develop eHealth solutions that support professionals in and around mental health care, stimulate mental fitness in the workplace and make the advice of mental health professionals accessible to everyone online.

Our origin: response to an increasing demand for care Psychological complaints are now the number one cause of absenteeism.

Healthcare and social costs are rising along with it, while there are also significant cuts. Prevention and productivity gains are of great importance to healthcare providers, employers and educational institutions. mirro eHealth offers opportunities to prevent and treat psychological complaints efficiently. Read more about our history here.

Our products: eHealth applications for everyone.

The offer of the Mirro Foundation consists of various modules on various mental complaints and the decision supporter mental care. Whether you are a healthcare provider, employer or educational institution, or as a consumer you want to get started without supervision: with mirro everyone can work on mental health!

Our protection: secure personal data and information systems.

Mirro Foundation is NEN 7510 certified. Privacy and being able to use the mirro products safely is something we continuously work hard on.